Sion Gwydion


Just changing things up with my editing. Some of these photos were taken on my trip to Kenya last year and some were taken in Namibia this year. I’ve never really been one to edit my photos to be black and white. But after reading a few photography articles i decided to give it a go. What do you think? Also soon my some of my photos will be up to buy…. Read More

  Swakopmund Jetty, Namibia in June.   Made myself take my camera out into the fog in Namibia to challenge myself.   Never done much shooting in these conditions. Certainly wasn’t easy, but was fun.     Fog beginning to clear as the sun started to set, which produced some amazing colours   The after glow of a vanished sunset over the Atlantic ocean, just off the west coast of Africa.  … Read More

  Surfing photos     Landscape Photos in Sumatra   Camera used – Canon 6D mark ii

These pictures are from a trip with my Father to Namibia. They are of Sossusvlei and Deadvlei. If you are into sunrises, sunsets and scenic landscapes then Namibia is a must do on you bucket list. The Dunes in this area are among the biggest in the world and the dead trees are thought to have died over 700 years ago. Camera used is a Canon 6D mark ii.