Don’t be out after sunset in Africa


Swakopmund Jetty, Namibia in June.


Made myself take my camera out into the fog in Namibia to challenge myself.


Swakopmund Jetty-2

Never done much shooting in these conditions. Certainly wasn't easy, but was fun.


Swakopmund Jetty1-2


Fog beginning to clear as the sun started to set, which produced some amazing colours


Swakopmund Jetty1-3

The after glow of a vanished sunset over the Atlantic ocean, just off the west coast of Africa.



Namibia is certainly one of my favourite countries I’ve travelled so far. So diverse in it’s geography. Food is fantastic, from seafood to game meat. If you wanted to get away from people, this is the place, huge open areas where you would find yourself driving down dirt roads for hours/days without seeing anything else apart from a gazelle or a zebra.

When it comes to safety, there was not a moment that I felt unsafe. Everyone you meet are helpful and friendly from my experience. Obviously you should take precautions because it’s better to be safe than to be sorry.

If it’s not on your list. Then it should be.

I’m half way through writing what we did for the 2 and a half weeks we where there so should be up on here soon. If you have any questions in the mean time feel free to message me.



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