Namibia – an unlikely surf paradise.

With a coast line exposed to the Atlantic on the west coast of Africas and just north of South Africa it’s not surprising that Namibia has some world class waves. But the amount of bemused looks I had for going on a trip there to self drive around the country with my father, and hopefully at the time catch some waves they all thought I was mad. I’m sure some of them still think this.

We had forecaster to spend a few days at this locations in Namibia, which is by a little town called Walvis Bay. The bay it’s in is actually called Donkey bay but to the outside world it’s known as Skeleton bay. You need a four wheel drive to get you there as you have to drive about 20 minutes-30 minutes along a dirt track going through the salt plain and then along deep beach sand.

Flamingo's feeding

Flamingo’s feeding in the salt Plain


While we were there we happened to luck out on the surf. We managed to time it, by no skill of our own,  so that one of the best swells hit in  several years. We spoke to people who had travelled 50 hour worth just so they could be here. And several professional surfers from countries all around the world had turned up.




Safely to say I managed to get my fair share of waves but after a day the swell increased to above my capability. But still to be there watching it and taking photos myself was an experience to remember and certainly will make me want to return.

Bellow are some slide shows of some waves being ridden. Have a look.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Photos taken on my Canon 6D markii

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